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HX Audio Lab is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Since 2007, HX Audio Lab has been providing acoustic/audio design and consulting services. Founded and led by Hadi Sumoro and Xian Yu, HX Audio Lab combines architectural acoustics and electroacoustic optimization and acoustic design expertise to provide acoustic consulting worldwide, including studios, listening rooms, performance halls, and music. Hall sound system design, stadium, church, paging system and more.


As an expert in the field, an in-depth understanding of acoustic principles, advanced electronic calibration, speaker and room interactions enables HX Audio Lab to provide complete consulting services at different stages of construction/product development for different types and levels of customers.

Filter Hose

Filter Hose is a complete FIR filter generation tool.I can collect data with any of my measurement platforms, and go straight to Filter Hose for post-processing and FIR generation.

The Export functions are quite versatile, and my Rane HAL opens the files flawlessly.I can't really think of anything that I want to do with FIR filters that it can't do. It is the audio practitioner's complete FIR g enerat, on environment.

Load a Measurement

● Load ASCII files: EASSERA, Systune, ARTA, Room EQ Wizard, HOLM Impulse, FuzzMeasure and Smaart

● Load binaries: EASSERA, Systune, ARTA and Monkey Forrest

● Manually input frequency domain parameters

Select a Target Response

Edit the FIR Filter

Filter Hose Features:

● Easy to quickly create an FIR filter based ona measurement or a user-defined input

● Create mixed,linear-phase and minimum-phase FIR filters

● Multi-Zone Time Windows to clean input impulse response Target presets:flat magnitude only (linear or minimum

● phase filter),flat phase only,flat magnitude & flat phase,and minimum phase

●User defined filter and/or target curve

● Export filter coefficient in *. csv,*. wav, MiniDSP's*. txt file formats

● Numerical data format converter

●Manual frequency domain data input

● Smart smoothing algorithm for the data input


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